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Benefits of Working with PCAi

Creative Design Solutions
Wide Ranging Project Experience
Specialist services through our experts/ business partners
Awareness of National and International Standards
Design services are the foundation on which PCAi was built, establishing a tradition of excellence in design, project management, and project implementation. Keeping the overall interest of the client uppermost in our minds, PCAi is committed to providing creative design solutions that meet your requirements and leave a lasting impression for times to come.

For us, every stage of the project, from conceptual design to final completion at site, is an equally important step in creating a success. We approach architectural and landscape design as a wholly-integrated service, taking into consideration environmental and land use constraints, innovative design techniques, tried and true measures, new technologies, and a healthy concern of the client's budget and schedule. For projects requiring interior design services, we work from the ground up in developing a design setting that most appropriately represents the ambience you want to convey and then translate them into reality through our extensive experience, and in-house information on fabrics, furnishings, and fixtures. And if you should want our Project/Construction Management team to help take the pain out of your new projects/ remodeling exercises by coordinating among the different construction agencies, and especially with with architectural services such as lighting, plumbing, air-conditioning ..... just ask!.

Whatever be the nature of the project, we work with our clients to understand their needs and to define clear goals, leveraging our extensive experience in all aspects of design and construction to translate our understanding into aesthetically pleasing and technically sound solutions.

Concept design
Design development
Final design
Facilities planning
Site planning
Program analysis

Feasibility studies
Cost estimates
Tendering and Negotiation
Construction Documentation
Project Management
Site Supervision

Market Areas
Industrial Facilities  view* sample project
Exhibition & Trade Facilities view* sample project
Institutional Campuses 
Commercial Developments 
view* sample project
Hotels and Resorts  
view* sample project
Recreational Facilities  
Residential Developments  
view* sample project

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