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Information Solutions
Geographic Information Systems . Relational Databases . Web-based Solutions

Our major focus is on developing and delivering projects that require a holistic approach to problem solving, wherein we can have the opportunity to:
  1. work with you to understand the problem
  2. conceptualize the appropriate solution
  3. develop a methodology that is sensitive to the constraints presented
  4. develop an implementation plan that meets or exceeds  expectations
  5. implement the solution with appropriate and skilled resources
  6. test the solution and ensure client satisfaction to reach closure
As a result of our growing experience and expertise in delivering Design, Planning, and Engineering Projects that required unique and customized application of Information Technology, we have established Spatial Decisions,   our consulting group that focuses on providing services in information solutions focusing on:

The Information Solutions services provided by us are applicable to, among others, the following market segments/ agencies:

  • Electric/ Gas/ Oil Utilities
  • Telecommunication Utilities
  • Water/Waste-Water Utilities
  • Solid Waste Management Agencies
  • National/ State/ Local Agencies
  • Planning Departments and Agencies
  • Healthcare Planning/ Services Delivery

Integrating GIS/ Data Management/ Web-based Delivery, our services include:

  • Data Visualization/ Mapping/ Trend Analysis
  • Demographic/ Market Analysis for Demand-Supply Modeling
  • Site Characterization & Remediation Information Management
  • Siting and Environmental Impact Assessment
  • Watershed Planning
  • Design of custom applications integrating GIS/ Databases/ Web-based Delivery

B-30 Kailash Colony
New Delhi 110048, INDIA  
Tel:   (91)-11-2643-2195
Fax:  (91)-11-2621-7246

2384 Somerset Drive
Jeffersonton, VA 22724, USA
Tel: (540)-937-1705
Fax: (540)-937-1705 

While our focal area of expertise remains centered around GIS/ Relational Databases/ Web-based Solutions, we also provide customized services for software development, data acquistion and data conversion through our strategic partnerships with experts in these fields.

Leveraging our experience from deign, planning, and engineering projects, we are uniquely qualified to work with our clients to develop and execute information solution ideas specific to their needs, be it watershed planning, siting new facilities, providing facility information management systems, network optimization, or market analysis for demand and  supply modeling.

The services offered by Spatial Decisions are  applicable to almost any market area that can benefit from the management and visualization of spatial and aspatial data  to reveal information that would not be so obvious with more conventional analytical systems, exposing  trends and patterns which can be critical enough to provide businesses with an added competitive edge.

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Last Updated on December 11, 2002