Paryavaas Bhawan (Composite Office Building) for Naya Raipur Development Authority

Green Buildings

Location: Naya Raipur

Client: Naya Raipur Development Authority

Year: 2016

The project development of composite buildings conceived as a landmark project in the NRDA’s vision as an environmentally sensitive city. The prime component of the project was achieving the 5-star rating by GRIHA. Therefore, the building was designed to be unique to set an example for other upcoming developments in Naya Raipur.
The building has separate 3 blocks of octagon shape in plan placed diagonally at site minimising the area straight to sunlight, it gives ideal orientation north-east to south-west considering the solar movement over the Raipur region to obtain best of natural light, self shading of building and reduce heat gain and energy demand, resulting in three segregated open spaces with linear view about the main axis with cores areas. To create an interesting built-form, which is low on maintenance, plaster and paint finishes with stone cladding on the exterior façade have been used. The roof of the building accommodates solar panels and services.

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